On this page parent will find information regarding common paediatric surgical conditions in children and an outline of their treatment. I have just started adding these on my website. I intend to write these with a special context of practice of paediatric surgery in Pakistan. I will especially try to elaborate misconception and malpractice associated with such conditions. This will be a slow process but I intend to eventually complete the entire spectrum of common conditions. If you have any questions and your child has a condition that you can not find on this page, you may contact me directly through email or phone and I can provide such an information.

1.  Wilms Tumour A Brief Guide for the Parents

Wilms tumour is the commonest solid tumour of childhood. Over the last 6 decades, therapy of Wilms tumour has been completely transformed and 5 year survival exceeds 90% in stage 1 disease.

2. Acute Abdominal Pain in Children

Abdominal pain is the commonest symptom of childhood. Most episodes are self limiting  and do not require much support. Occasionally life threatening conditions may present with the only symptoms of abdominal pain. Acute appendicitis is the commonest diagnosis of surgical interest. History and a thorough clinical examination are the cornerstones of diagnosing acute appendicitis.



3. Undescended Testis

Undescended testis is a common condition at birth. It may involve one or both the testes. It is more common in premature births. Normal testis descend from abdomen down in to scrotum in the later duration of pregnancy. If testis do not descend by six month of age, it should be surgically brough down and fixed in scrotum.


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