I have special interest in tumour surgery in children. I have worked as dedicated paediatric cancer surgeon at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Lahore for four years. During this time I have managed the most complex and advanced tumours in children successfully, achieving results at par with international standards.

I have campaigned country wide to educate paediatric surgeons about latest developments in cancer surgery and introduced the concept of multidisciplinary team approach for cancer surgery.

It is important to note that tumour surgery is not a single person’s decision. I offer a multidisciplinary team approach, along with relevant specialists, to manage solid tumour in order to achieve what is best for the child.

I offer following services for cancer surgery in children.


  • Line service (most critical for children suffering from any cancer) to gain vascular access for chemotherapy, includes Ports (Port-a-cath), Hickman and PICC.
  • Wilms Tumour management
  • Liver Tumour management
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Ovarian Tumour/cysts
  • Testicular tumour
  • Benign tumour e.g. phaeochromocytoma and ganglioneuroma